The Center for Public Inquiries

The Center for Public Inquiries


In order to improve our customer service, Ayalon Mutual Funds Ltd. has established the Department of Public Inquiries. This department deals with answering inquiries and complaints on any issue where you may have been unable to receive an adequate response or you feel your issue hasn't been handled to your satisfaction.

The appeal/complaint to the public inquiries can only be submitted in writing to the Commissioner of Public Inquiries:

The direct line to the Advisor at Ayalon Mutual Funds

Operation times:

Sunday - Thursday: 9:30 - 15:30
Except on holiday eves and holidays.

The information and documents required to resolve the inquiry:
Full name
ID number
The full name of the relevant mutual funds
Date of referral
Contact details (address for receiving letters and/or email address and/or telephone number)
A detailed description of the circumstances of the referral which requires clarification. The reference to the company must be clearly written in order to allow proper handling of its matter.

Confirmation of receipt of the inquiry will be sent to you within 7 business days of receipt. If your question is professional, an answer will be given to you in writing within 21 business days. Usually, answers are received within a shorter period of time.

The Company is entitled to extend the response time for an additional period of 21 business days, in special circumstances documented by the Company.

Complaints against the Commissioner of Public Inquiries will not be dealt with by him but by the Commissioner for Internal Enforcement.

The fund manager shall keep a copy of each inquiry, answer, and any document in connection with the inquiry, in a retrievable manner, for a period of 7 years from the date of receipt of the inquiry.

In the event that the fund manager decides to refrain from responding to a customer complaint, including, inter alia, in a case where the subject of the complaint is related to a pending matter in court, the fund manager will report this to the fund trustee.

The fund manager in his response to the client may also not refer to an investigation that is being conducted, subject to the authority’s instructions in this matter, in accordance with the established rules. In such a case, and inter alia also in a case where the subject of the investigation is related to a matter pending before a court and / or before an administrative court or in another case determined by the fund manager’s procedures or if the fund manager has other legal impediment to address the customer complaint, the customer will be notified.