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Who We Are


Ayalon Financial Solutions (2004) Ltd. is regarded as one of the leading companies in Israel for portfolio management, specializing in catering to private clients, companies, and institutional entities.

Among our customers, you will find leading companies, non-profit organizations, municipal authorities, kibbutzim, associations, hospitals, and more. Each customer benefits from the entire envelope of knowledge, expertise, stability, and the financial soundness Financial Solutions provides.

Our investment-portfolio managers have many years of professional experience and each of them is trusted to provide a personal and dedicated service as part of the Ayalon Investment House Group DNA.

Why Invest With Us

Ayalon Financial Solutions’ uniqueness lies in its foundations: professional, comprehensive, and up-to-date knowledge in the local and global capital market. Coupled with years of experience, innovation, and financial creativity, while providing a personal and competent response to each client’s unique needs, all contribute to establishing Ayalon Financial Solutions as a leading investments company in the finance sector.

Among our many benefits, you will find:

Continuous innovation: Thanks to accurate analyzes and extensive experience, our experienced investment managers constantly find unique investment opportunities in local and global markets.

Transparency: The company holds transparency of its management vis-à-vis its customers in the highest regard. The investment portfolio is managed in the client’s bank account in accordance with the investment policy that has been established based on the client’s personal needs and guidelines. Every client is entitled to closely monitor how the investment is handled and can receive regular updates regarding the composition of the portfolio and its performance. This allows our clients true peace of mind.

Competitiveness: The company does not charge commission refunds for the performed actions in the customer’s accounts. This way, our customers enjoy significantly discounted commissions in the managed account.

Personal care: At Ayalon Financial Solutions, we adjust the layout of the managed portfolio in accordance with the customer’s characterization questionnaire and the investment policy. Each portfolio is individually and uniquely tailor-structured based on the nature of the investment defined by the client. The portfolio can easily be adjusted to the client’s changing needs at later stages to benefit him on account of economic shifts, and / or any event that requires updated financial assessments.

Ayalon Financial Solutions customers enjoy the personal guidance of an investment manager who is available at all times in a variety of ways. Each client receives ongoing reports about the portfolio composition, performance, and market analysis, initiated by the investment manager.

Opening a managed account is simple and easy
A meeting with a representative is arranged, during which all needs are clarified, and options are examined. Next, a joint engagement agreement is signed.
A managed account is opened under the customer's name and a power of attorney is granted to Ayalon Financial Solutions to carry out securities transactions within it.
The client transfers an investment amount in cash and/or securities to the managed account. From that point onwards, Ayalon Financial Solutions takes care of everything else!

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