What is a Mutual Fund?


A mutual fund is an investment instrument used in the capital market, which allows a large number of investors to co-invest in a variety of investment channels and financial tools, such as equities, government bonds, corporate bonds (bonds issued by companies). A mutual fund, as opposed to direct investment in the capital market, also allows inexperienced investors to gain broad exposure to a variety of activities and assets in the capital markets in Israel and worldwide. The company that manages the fund and its investments is one that is approved and supervised by the Securities Authority.
For more information on mutual funds found on the Securities Authority’s website, click here

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קרנות אג"ח קונצרני
קרנות אג"ח חו"ל
קרנות אג"ח כללי
קרנות אג"ח מדינה
קרנות מחקות
קרנות מניות חו"ל
קרנות מניות מקומי
קרנות אקסטרים
קרנות גמישות
קרנות אגד קרנות

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Without derogating from the general terms of use of the site, the information is intended for general impression only and does not constitute professional advice or a substitute for professional advice in any way, including investment advice that takes into account the data and special needs of each person. It is, therefore, advisable to consult with relevant professional bodies prior to performing any investment actions and/or performing any other action based on the information contained included on this website. The information on this website regarding the mutual funds of the Ayalon Group does not constitute an offer to purchase units in the funds. The acquisition of units in the funds will be made on the basis of the prospectuses of the funds in force at the time of their acquisition and in accordance with the reports of the issuing company of the participation units, as provided from time to time.

The fund’s past returns do not guarantee similar returns in the future and the above should not be seen as an obligation of the fund manager to achieve a return of any kind.

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